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What you need to know about ambulance transportation fees in Québec.

Québec ambulance

Source: Wikimedia Commons

As you may know, Quebec’s healthcare plan covers many costs regarding health-related services, but did you know that ambulance transportation fees are not covered by this plan? As stated by Urgences-santé Québec, this service is not covered due to a decision made by the Gouvernement du Québec and the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. Here is what you need to know before using this service and the exemptions that apply:

Cost and related fees:

Since 1997, the fees set by the Gouvernement du Québec concerning ambulance transportation have not increased according to Urgences-santé:

“For Canadian residents, the basic fee is $125 plus $1.75 per kilometer traveled. An additional $35 fee is charged for each additional person (with the exception of medical or social services personnel or family).”

Most individuals who use this service will have to pay these fees, unless they have the required criteria for governmental exemptions (listed below). Also, as mentioned by Urgences-santé Québec, the person that makes the call for an ambulance is not the person who is going to be charged, it is the person that utilizes the service, or their legal guardian if the patient is a minor.

Costs and exceptions for ambulance transportation

Costs and exceptions for ambulance transportation (Source: Urgences-santé Québec)


Listed in the image above are most of the governmental exemptions for patients who use ambulance transportation and whose fees are covered. Those concern road or work-injured citizens, individuals aged 65 and above, and citizens part of certain groups or organizations. Here are some more potential exemptions for patients that can be eligible to have their fees covered (according to Urgences-santé Québec):

  • Citizens injured from performing an act of good citizenship

  • Foreigners who are new to Canada

  • Individuals or groups covered by insurance company plans

  • Canadian non-residents

For more information, visit:

Urgences-santé Québec

Exceptional assistance programs (Urgence-santé Québec)

Source: Urgences-santé Québec


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