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Free Zone A STM, EXO, and paratransit trips for seniors starting next month.

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Island of Montréal residents ages 65 and up can qualify for free public transit fares! Starting July 1, Montréal STM, EXO, paratransit, and future REM trips will be free if:

  • You are a 65+ resident of the agglomeration of Montréal,

  • Live in Zone A: the Island of Montréal (including l'Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève),

  • Are a metro, bus (STM), train (EXO), REM, or paratransit commuter.


How to get the Free 65+ All Modes A fare; If you already have a photo OPUS card:

1- Bring your photo OPUS card to one of the service stations to load the Free 65+ All Modes A fare:

  • Any booth at a Montréal metro station

  • The STM Fairview Pointe-Claire terminus

  • A metropolitan ticket office in Zone A

2- You will need a valid proof of residency, proving you live within the agglomeration of Montréal (see map below). All documents must be dated within the last year except for driver's licenses:

  • This can be a driver's license; municipal or school tax account statement; Accès Montréal card; federal or provincial tax assessment; phone, electricity, cable, or internet bill; document issued by a banking institution or of governmental nature; any other official government document; car or home insurance policy; identity and residence certificate issued by the city; or a Transport adapté acceptance letter.


If your photo OPUS card expires in less than two years, you have two options:

  • Immediately renew your card for $15 and get a fare valid for two years.


  • Add the Free 65+ All Modes A fare until your photo OPUS card expires. Then, you must renew your card when it expires and get another Free 65+ All Modes A fare.

It is encouraged to use up any Zone A fares remaining on your OPUS card before July 1. For OPUS à l'année subscribers, your subscription will automatically cancel on June 30.

No photo I.D. OPUS card?:

1- Fill out the Photo OPUS card application form and go to one of the following locations:

  • Fairview Pointe-Claire terminus

  • Metropolitan ticket office in Zone A

  • Metro station in Zone A

  • STM photo studio (by appointment only)

2- Make sure you have valid proof of residency for the agglomeration of Montréal (same criteria as photo OPUS cards above).

Transport Adapté Customers:

If you exclusively use paratransit, no action is required. Your customer file information will confirm your eligibility for free travel. Your ID OPUS must still be shown every time you use the service.

Not a resident of the agglomeration of Montréal?

If you don't live within Zone A and are 65 and over, you can purchase the All Modes A reduced fare.

Eligibility criteria

  • Must be 65 and over

  • Must have a mailing address in Quebec

Cost of photo OPUS card

  • $15

To obtain a photo OPUS card or to find out which fares are available at a reduced rate, visit OPUS reduced fare for 65 and over.

SOURCE: Société de transport de Montréal (STM).



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