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ABOVAS' Executive Director and volunteer services celebrated.

ABOVAS' Executive Director Denise Hupé has been recognized through the TD Thanks You campaign for her remarkable commitment to the West Island community. The non-profit organization's mission is to provide accompaniment for seniors and vulnerable West Islanders, such as transportation to and from hospital visits, grocery store runs, or visits to the mall. Since its creation, ABOVAS volunteers have provided more than 34,000 accompaniments, essential in ensuring seniors' needs are tended to.

Improving people's lives in vulnerable situations has motivated Mrs. Hupé to optimize the organization's service offerings. With the Bank's $15,000 donation to the organization, Hupé will be able to invest in a volunteer recruitment campaign and organize a volunteer appreciation evening!


The ABOVAS team at a volunteer appreciation evening last year. Denise Hupé, Executive Director, is front and centre.

"I was pleasantly surprised to see TD recognize our work at ABOVAS. It means a lot to us: we understand that our services are making a real difference in Montreal's 60+ community," Mrs. Denise Hupé stated.

Volunteers are at the heart of ABOVAS. The help from generous volunteers is essential to the existence of organizations, although they are becoming increasingly rare since the pandemic. If you would like to help out your community, Volunteer West Island can direct you to an organization that interests you, or to help ABOVAS, click here.



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