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A list of nutritionists on the West Island who can help you achieve your 2022 goals

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We get it: you can't leave your house past 10 pm, gyms are closed, and the holidays are starting to make their effect on your hips.

In a time of uncertainty and solitude, it can feel difficult and overwhelming to aspire to new goals. Taking control of your health and fitness is overwhelming on a good day, never mind when a new COVID variant is taking the provincial population for a ride.

That said, with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and a number of professionals moving their practices to a virtual space, in many ways taking control of your health has never been more accessible.

If you're looking to play an active role in your nutrition this new year, we've got your starting point. Here is a list of nutritionists on the West Island to start you on your journey.


Robin Glance Nutrition

Of all those recommended, there was one name that kept showing up, and that was Robin Glance. Based out of Pointe-Claire, Robin offers an impressive array of services including individual, family, pediatric, corporate, and sports nutrition.

"As a dietitian, I practice “gentle“ nutrition. This means that I will not impose strict rules or diet plans. I will not ask my clients to measure or weigh their foods or count calories. I understand that changes, no matter how small, take time. When it comes to eating well, I find knowing WHAT to eat is secondary to HOW to eat. In sessions with my clients, we work with elements of mindful or intuitive eating – reflecting on some of the emotional or environmental cues in our lives that may be affecting our food and eating habits." (SOURCE)

Jessica Botsas - Vital Wellness

Jessica Botsas is a holistic nutrition practitioner as well as a member of the Association of Professional Naturopaths of Quebec.

Jessica's practice specializes in helping people manage their weight, heal their relationship with food, create sustainable eating habits, and manage health conditions such as Diabetes and IBS.

"I encompass a holistic approach, recognizing the interrelationship of body & mind and the importance of addressing these interactive factors. I help you create balance where imbalances exist." (SOURCE)

The best part? Your initial consult by phone or Zoom is completely free!

Andrea Ropeleski - NutraFit Health

Andrea Ropeleski specializes in weight management, managing and maintaining a vegetarian and/or vegan diet, and even offers consultation on pre and post-natal nutrition.

To book a consultation and take control of your health, visit Andrea's Facebook page today.

Zeina Khawam

Located in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Zeina Khawam's primary philosophy is that fad diets simply don't work. If you've caught yourself in the seemingly unbreakable cycle of yo-yo dieting, and you're not sure how to get out, Zeina can help.

"I love food and so should you!"

Check out Zeina on Facebook HERE.

Heidi Feldman

After having faced weight difficulties for a large part of her life, Heidi Feldman has made it her mission to help others stuck in a similar cycle.

Feldman's background in psychology allows her to understand the "why" behind the "what". Feldman addresses behavioral patterns, which, when approached correctly lead to real and long-lasting change.

"People often ask how fast can they lose weight but the important thing is achieving long-term optimum health. What good is losing weight in weeks if it’s just going to come back as fast as it left? Whether your weight is a reaction to stress, boredom, or other emotions, we work on how to change that." (SOURCE)


Yes, so much feels out of our control right now, and it can feel daunting, but your nutrition doesn't have to feel that way.

Start making small steps towards change today. There are professionals ready to help.

Do you have a New Year's resolution? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.


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