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A concert for kids with cancer raises funds for the Cedar Cancer Foundation.

The Gaucher/Schwab family organized an extraordinary concert with talented young musicians at Valois United Church on Saturday, February 11th. Some sang while others played the harp, violin, cello, piano, and violoncello to raise funds for Sarah's Fund for Cedars. The fund supports the needs of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology patients and their families at the Montréal Children's Hospital.

In December 2018, Léandre Gaucher, left, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and underwent surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. He was under the care of the Montréal Children's Hospital, receiving excellent treatment and a lot of support. He has been studying the violin since he was three and is a member of the West Island Youth Symphonic Orchestra. He was joined by his brother Audrick, right, who is a talented violinist and a member of the WIYSO as well.

Sarah Cook, whom the Sarah's Fund for Cedars was named after, was in attendance to signal her support and gratitude for this fundraising initiative. Lina Zatkovic, the Cedars Cancer Foundation's event coordinator, echoed a similar sentiment:

"It is so important for patients to keep up their passions and hobbies, as Léandre did with his violin and his love for music, and in doing so, this can have a significant impact on a patient's wellness, which some believe can be just as important as a patient's recovery treatments. To see how he has turned his passion into a way to give back to the community is all anybody could ask for."

The brothers performed a duet and their own respective pieces on Saturday night and were joined by accomplished peers Eliott and Sébastien Tsai, Chloé Dumoulin, Juliette Duguay, Kerry-Anne Kutz, Judy Hung, and Maria Sankeralli.

For those who wish to support this initiative and donate to Sarah's Fund, click here.


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