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5 quick and easy couple costumes for Halloween

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Many of us, including myself, didn’t have the chance to celebrate Halloween last year due to ongoing restrictions, health guidelines, and curfews.

As of right now, things may look a little different this year. For vaccinated Quebecers, Halloween may be the first holiday celebrated in this new post-COVID environment.

2 months may seem like a long time, but I promise it passes by very quickly, and it’s never too early to start thinking about your costume.

Here are 5 original couple costume ideas that you can do with your significant other, or with a best friend.

Let us know in the comments which idea is your favorite!


1. An iconic duo

There were too many awesome options in this category to narrow it down to just one.

You and your partner could be Sandy and Danny from Grease, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Lilo and Stitch, Barbie and Ken, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, Mary Poppins and Bert, Harley Quinn and the Joker. The options are truly endless

What’s awesome about these, is that you can achieve them with things you likely already have lying around.

For the Sandy and Danny costume, stick to all black. Red lipstick and shoes for sandy, and slicked-back hair for Danny.

For Mr. And Mrs. Incredible, combine black and red; you could use leggings, sheer tights, black shorts, a black t-shirt, or sports bra, and print off the Incredibles logo and pin or glue it to your outfit.

For Barbie and Ken, stick to light pinks, yellows, blues, and greens. You can really personalize this to your style, and wardrobe.

Check out some inspiration for the Sandy and Danny costume HERE.

2. Alien + Astronaut

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This is what I’m dressing up as this year with my partner, and we are so excited. This one is for couples with one glitz and glam partner, and one low-maintenance partner!

For the partner who likes getting dolled up, grab yourself all the sparkle, glitter, sequins, and metallics you can get your hands on.

I’m wearing a high-waisted bathing suit bottom, a pale blue halter top (both of which I already own), and a sequined wrap skirt. I’ll play around with glittery makeup, and fun hairstyles.

For my partner, we’re going with a simple navy-blue long sleeve which you can grab off of Amazon or at Walmart. We’ll iron on Nasa patches, and paint on details to make the costume look more realistic.

For inspiration, check out THIS post on Pinterest.

3. Mermaid + Sailor

This is another really simple costume to put together, but one that I haven’t seen done a lot. It looks awesome in photos and can be put together in an afternoon if you get invited to a last-minute Halloween bash.

For the mermaid costume, you’ll need a bra or bralette for the top. You could even use a bikini top if you prefer. I have a strapless one that is almost seashell-like in shape.

For the bottoms, a dark green skirt, or shorts will double as a tail. You could pair this with fishnet tights – pun definitely intended.

The mermaid costume really shines when you pair it with the right accessories. You can grab seashells from the dollar store and use them in your makeup or hairstyle, and you can drape yourself in netting for a more eerie effect.

Once again, the sailor costume is for my simple people. All you’ll need is a Captain’s hat which can be found at most costume stores, or on Amazon.

Pair it with a white button-up, and a neutral pair of pants, and you’re all set.

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4. Bonnie + Clyde

This one is for my Halloween die-hards, and for the couples who want to experiment with special effects makeup and gore.

The important thing here is dressing to the time period. Think 1930’s. Lots of beiges, browns, and neutral tones. Checkered prints, dress pants, fedora hats, and berets.

Where this costume gets its fame is with the gore. Bonnie and Clyde were infamously hunted for many months before finally being brutally and unapologetically shot at through their car.

That means bullet wounds. Once you’ve gotten into your 1930’s garb, have fun experimenting with costume blood, wound makeup, and special effects. This costume allows you to be glamorous and gory all at once!

For inspo, click HERE.

5. Miscommunication

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I couldn’t complete this list without including one play on words. This costume is for all the comedian couples out there.

Simply put, one partner dresses up as a Domino’s pizza delivery person, and the other dresses up like a domino.

For the pizza delivery costume, grab yourself an old Domino’s box, a red hat, and you’re good to go.

For the domino costume, paint a black t-shirt with white dots and pair it with your favorite comfy jeans or leggings!

This one is guaranteed to be a great conversation starter.


How will you be celebrating Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments what you'll be dressing up as!

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