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4 All Natural Pest Control Remedies For Your Garden

Pests are a big problem for your yard and garden. All the hard work you put into it can be wiped out with an errant deer, rabbit or bug infestation.

But, sometimes the antidote is worse than the cure. Using harsh chemicals to keep the pests away can also have health drawbacks. It doesn’t make much sense to use harsh when there are safer, natural alternatives that can get the job done.

In this article, we will go over several ways you can naturally keep pests away so you can enjoy your garden year round. When you’ve gotten your garden perfect, have these remedies ready to go to keep it that way.

1 - Attract birds

Birds love to eat bugs so if you invite them into your garden, they will gladly take care of the pests that will try to ruin your garden.

A good way to do this is to add a water fountain. In the summer, when it is sometimes difficult for birds to find a water source, they will know there is water in your yard and come frequently. And if they can also snag a free meal while there then they will be back frequently.

A bird feeder is also a good way to attract them, but they might not eat the bugs after filling their belly on free seeds. A bird feeder can also spill the seeds around and attract rats and other pests that will want to set up a new home in your yard, so it is best to avoid.

2 - Neem oil

If you need to spray your plants, then you have a natural option that won’t make you sick. Neem oil is a potent essential oil that repels things like aphids and caterpillars.

It is derived from the seeds of the neem tree and is also a natural sterilizer. Not only will the oil repel insects but it also creates a sterile environment to keep them from even coming back.

3 - Add mulch

You are killing many birds with one stone when you mulch around your yard and garden. You are preventing weeds from growing which makes it easy on you since you won’t have to pick them.

Then, it helps keep the roots of your plants from drying out as it retains water.

But, it also keeps certain pests away since they are not able to gain a foothold in the mulched area. The mulch creates a system that fosters helpful bacteria and fungi that will keep disease away from your plants and also lots of insects that would damage the roots of the plants.

4 - Plant insectary plants

Not all insects are pests. Many are actually beneficial to your garden. If you plant flowers that attract honeybees, for instance, your garden will grow much better.

But, you can also grow plants that attract bugs that kill other bugs. For instance, ladybugs are not just pretty, they also love to eat aphids and will keep them out of your garden if you attract them with geraniums, dill and cilantro.


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