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Westwood Senior Walkout in Protest of Returning to School Full Time

Despite the start of a third wave and a rise in COVID variant cases, the Gouvernement du Québec made the decision to send Secondary 3, 4 & 5 students back to school full time.

Schools and school boards were not consulted nor were they informed of this decision before its announcement during a live press conference, and were given less than a week to prepare for a full return whilst following the sanitary measures that are currently in place. This choice within the context of the current situation in Quebec is worrying parents, students, and teachers alike. Many of the classrooms will have classes of 30+ students unable to social distance due to lack of space. This increases the risk for teachers and staff to contract Covid-19 or one of its more serious variants. Furthermore, students risk bringing it home to their parents or catching the virus themselves. Schools in Levis, Quebec City & Gatineau have already been shut down to due to Covid-19 variants which are being spread mainly through schools. Despite this, teachers and staff are still not given priority for the vaccine yet remain at high- risk for catching the virus.

As a result, students are exercising their right to protest an unsafe environment that puts the health of teachers, staff, parents and students at risk. Teachers are required to meet their obligation to stay in class, however many have offered their support for our demonstration.


This is a student-led protest.

Since the entire point of all this is to prevent catching Covid-19, it is crucial that Public Health guidelines are followed. In a red zone, people maintain the right to protest as long as all participants are wearing masks. Furthermore, the Westwood COVID Commandments will be adhered to and all students will respect social distancing.


April 7th, 2021, 8:15 am - 10:30 am Westwood High School, Senior

69 Côte Saint-Charles, Hudson Heights, QC J0P 1J0

Students will be protesting at the front of the school, accessible from Côte Saint-Charles.

Students will walk out of class after the national anthem is played and commence a “sit-in” style protest in front of the school. Students will be seated 2m away from each other. If ever there is not enough room at the front of the school, students will sit on the soccer field behind the school, also seated 2m away from one another. Students are invited to make signs/posters and to bring games/homework to occupy themselves. Make sure to dress in accordance with the weather. Masks must be worn at all times. Organizers ask participants to use common sense and not to ruin the work that went into organizing this protest.

This is not an excuse to skip school, this is a protest.


Any questions or concerns should be directed to Joey Chevrier, Alicia Coleto or Alison Vincent.

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