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West Island University students create online mathematics tutoring service

Struggling with Calculus? Math in general? Two West Islanders university students have taken matters into their own hands and opened up an online tutoring service. Their company, Matrix E-Learning has gone virtual where their motto is "fixing X has never been so easy".

Matrix e-Learning is a bilingual online tutoring center dedicated to helping high school, CEGEP, and university students excel in mathematics.

​Their mission is to provide timely online tutoring services to students in the comfort of their own home.

"Our approach combines self-directed learning and demonstration based teaching to ensure a true understanding of the material," they said.

COVID-19 has posed different challenges for various age groups, but students have experienced difficulties excelling in their courses due to a lack of focus and a struggle to find and keep their motivation going.

Matrix e-Learning was created to find a solution to the array of obstacles in this new pandemic era. Here's what sets them apart:​

  • Provide a 100% online alternative to traditional tutoring

  • Quick access to tutors (up to 2 hours before a session)

  • Record keeping of all material tackled during sessions on a Google Drive folder, tailored to each student

  • Make tutoring fun with our passionate and easy-going instructors

  • Pricing for as low as $24 per session.

We were lucky enough to interview these two young entrepreneurs to hear more about their wonderful initiative.

View our full interview here:

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