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West Island masks for charity

West Island resident, Teresa McCrory, has been sewing and donating masks since early April with all proceeds being donated to La Maison Grise de Montreal, a women's shelter in downtown Montreal!

Teresa works 4 days a week, but has still managed to sew around 2,000 masks in the evenings and on the weekends. She began as a quilter and adapted her skills to meet the needs of those struggling most during this pandemic.

“I have had great feedback on them. I have not profited personally from this effort and am happy for people to donate directly to the shelter to receive a tax receipt. I only ask that they mention my name and “masks” so the shelter can keep track for me,” asks Teresa McCrory.

Teresa teamed up with her hairdresser, Gabrielle Chevrier, who runs Gabrielle et Lui in Pointe Claire village to start selling masks at the salon. All the proceeds from these masks have been donated to La Maison Grise de Montreal, a woman’s shelter that Gabrielle has supported for many years.

Teresa also has masks for sale on Facebook Marketplace. The masks are three layers (as recommended), 2 layers 100% quilting cotton, 1 layer non woven polypropylene. They have a nose bar sewn in for a tight fit as well as adjustable ties. They are all individually packaged and are $20 for 3.

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