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West Island Community Shares celebrates 25 years with a record-breaking $1.5M contribution.

West Island residents, local businesses, and partners rally together in support of those who need it the most .

25 years ago, West Island Community Shares was created by three visionaries who dared to imagine a community where individuals, businesses, local government, and community leaders would work together to address social issues. What better way to celebrate the organization’s 25th anniversary than to announce the distribution of a record-breaking $1.5 million to more than 40 local community organizations in the West.

PHOTO: Pfizer Canada

Price increases and inflation seen in the past year have had a significant impact on the most vulnerable populations. Those most affected had to make difficult choices between competing needs such as paying rent or buying food. This year, twelve members of the fund distribution committee analyzed the needs in our community to ensure that all donations will be allocated where they will have the biggest impact. In all, more than 40 community organizations will receive substantial financial support to strengthen the West Island community and improve the quality of life for its residents.

West Island residents, local businesses, local MNAs, foundations and other partners understand this difficult reality and showed their true colours with unprecedented acts of kindness and generosity. Over the past 25 years, Community Shares has supported a wide range of local community organizations.

“I am so grateful for the outpouring of support from our community, which will enable us to continue providing critical funding to organizations that work to improve the lives of those in need in the West Island of Montreal. Although I am surrounded with an exceptional team, and a devoted Board of Directors who rally behind our mission, their commitment would be fruitless without our donors who rally behind our community to help those less fortunate.” Sophie McCann, Executive Director, West Island Community Shares



  • Thanks to the generosity of the community, West Island Community Shares is distributing a record- breaking $1.5 million;

  • Since 1998, Community Shares has invested more than $20 million to strengthen the West Island community;

  • More than 40 community organizations will receive substantial funding ranging from $10,000 to $50,000;

  • Investments will be made in 6 key areas: support vulnerable populations, develop strong & resilient children and teens, foster healthy bodies & healthy minds, empower women, provide basic necessities such as food & shelter, and support green initiatives;

  • The record $1.5 million was raised by West Islanders who believe in helping their community, as well as generous partners. In honour of WICS's 25th anniversary, they have chosen to highlight the trust and generosity of a select few partners who make annual donations of $25,000 or more:

Hewitt Foundation, Massi Family Pte-Claire Family Foundation, Tenaquip Foundation, Trottier Family Foundation.

Député de Nelligan, Monsef Derraji, Députée de Robert-Baldwin, Brigitte Garceau.

AVON, BNC National Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal, Broccolini, CIENA, Merck Canada, Pfizer Canada, PME-MTL Ouest-de-l’Île, RBC Royal Bank, Spinelli, Tenaquip Ltd.

Community Shares’ founders were Alan Bootes, President of Pfizer Canada, Russell Williams, MNA Robert-Baldwin, and Robert Vokey from the McConnell Foundation.

About West Island Community Shares:

West Island Community Shares is a unique charitable organization dedicated to building a strong, inclusive, peaceful and healthy community. We do this by raising crucial funds for more than 40 local community groups which focus on developing strong and resilient children, creating bridges to support vulnerable populations, supporting healthy minds & healthy bodies, empowering women, and providing basic necessities such as food and shelter to West Islanders in need. For more information:

SOURCE: West Island Community Shares


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