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West Island Christmas Tree Collection Schedules 2021

As the holiday season comes to a close you may find yourself wondering how you can recycle your natural Christmas tree. Here's a list of West Island Christmas tree collection schedules for 2021 to make your life a bit easier.

The city of Montreal wants to give your natural Christmas tree a new life while disposing of it in an eco-friendly manner! After the holiday season, place it on the curbside for the special Christmas tree collection. It will be picked up and converted into wood chips.

For those not mentioned below, select your borough on the City of Montreal's website to find out your area's Christmas tree collection schedule. Below you will find a list of specific

Christmas tree collection schedules and instructions for some West Island cities:

Dollard-des-Ormeaux Christmas trees will be collected on January 6, 13, and 20 (the collection may continue on Thursdays and Fridays, as needed). The city asks that you place the trees curbside before 7 am on the day it's to be collected. The city of DDO will use some of them to make windbreaks around outdoor skating rinks and the remaining trees will be shredded.


Natural Christmas trees can be recycled beginning the 2nd week of January 2021. Simply, remove the lights, decorations, and garlands and bring it to Public Works at 300 Beaurepaire or a participating park chalet. Be sure to recycle all packaging papers separately (except metallic papers and ribbons, in recycling collections.

Beaconsfield will recycle all collected trees as wood chips to be used in city parks and green spaces.


Natural Christmas trees can be placed at the curb every day during the weeks of January 4 and January 18, 2021.

Steps to follow:

  • Trees must be free of decorations (including hooks and icicles).

  • Trees must be placed at curbside (not in the snow).

  • Trees must not obstruct the sidewalk.

Contact the Public Works Department at (514) 457-6844 if you miss the pick-up time window in your area.

City of Pointe-Claire

Christmas trees will be collected on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, from 7 am to 6 pm. All natural trees are accepted (fir, pine, spruce, birch). By participating in this collection, you ensure that your tree will be converted into wood chips or compost instead of ending up in a landfill site.

A few rules:

  • Trunk diameter must not exceed 13 centimetres (5 inches).

  • Tree height must not exceed 2.5 metres (8 feet).

  • Decorations must be removed.

  • Trees must be placed horizontally at curbside (not upright in the snow).


Natural Christmas tree pick-up is scheduled for January 10 to 15, 2021. This program is consistent with the Town's sustainable efforts to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill sites. Steps to follow:

  • Remove all ornaments from the tree;

  • Place it at the curb without planting it in the snow bank;

  • Make sure it does not obstruct the street or sidewalk.

  • Trees collected through this process are shredded into wood chips.

Christmas Lights Recycling Program

The Town of Kirkland has recently implemented a Christmas Lights Recycling Program* at the Municipal Yard. Christmas lights that citizens wish to dispose of may be dropped off on site, at no cost, during the opening hours. The lights will then be given to a specialized company where the metals and plastics they contain will be recycled.

*Only standard Christmas lights (bulbs and wires) will be accepted. Large decorations (e.g. Santa or snowman structures, etc.), wreaths or any other type of light decorations will not be accepted.


Natural Christmas tree collections will occur on January 6 and 13, 2021. Place the tree in front of your residence, by the curb (not ON the street). These dates may change in case of a snowstorm.

In order for your tree to be picked up, all lights, decorations, and nails must be removed.

For more information, contact the Public Works Department at (514) 633-4046.

Baie D’Urfe

Leave your Christmas trees, decoration‐free with the base facing the street, by the roadside for pick-up on January 13, 2021 between 8 pm the night before and 7 am the day of the collection.

All trees will be collected the day of January 13 or during the week. For more information, please contact the Public Works department at (514) 457‑2877.


No set pick-up schedule established. The Village of Senneville invites you to dispose of your Christmas tree in an ecological way.

Deposit your tree at the curb after having removed all the decorations.

Our Public Works department will drive through the streets of Senneville to collect the trees and the nicest ones will be installed to embellish Senneville Park for its annual Winter Carnival.

At the end of the event, the trees will be shredded into wood chips that will be used in turn by the Village of Senneville or its citizens.

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