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Vaccination passports for restaurants and bars.

New regulations may be in place.


Proof of vaccination may soon be required to frequent certain public places, such as bars and restaurants. Today, the Legault government will unveil the broad outlines of the Quebec vaccine passport.

Last week, François Legault warned citizens that Quebec will not escape the 4th wave of the pandemic. The recent rise in COVID-19 infections and the threat of the Delta variant raise fears of the worst. Over the weekend, the province recorded 759 new cases and one new death.

Health Minister Christian Dubé is due to give an update at a press conference. The use of the vaccination passport will be for "non-essential" services and is not expected to come into effect until September 1.

According to our information. Sitting down with other diners in the restaurant or having a beer with friends in a bar may possibly be reserved for people who are adequately vaccinated against the virus.

Higher Education Minister Danielle McCann also announced last Friday that her government wants only cegep students and academics who have been inoculated against the coronavirus to have access to extracurricular activities such as student sports.

Tensions in France

Quebec is not alone in taking the path of the vaccine passport. In France, the entry into force of the health "pass" on Monday provoked strong reactions. The latter allows you to go to the restaurant, access some shopping centers, travel by train, and visit a loved one in the hospital.

In front of the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris, an altercation also occurred between a visitor and the controllers.

"It disgusts me, I would be ashamed in your place!" shouted Bernard François, a septuagenarian who could not accompany his wife, Nicole, who is suffering from cancer, to her appointment.

This measure also adds an additional burden to restaurateurs. "It's clearly binding. It lengthens [the] taking orders and we quickly find ourselves overwhelmed," says Hadrien Garcia, head of the café L'intendance, in Bordeaux.

Customer denial

At lunchtime in Marseille, "there is no crowd", observes for his part the boss of the O'Prado brewery, Michaël Esterle, who says he refused "half of the customers", for lack of vaccine evidence.

To be valid, the document must either demonstrate a complete vaccination against COVID-19, or proof of recovery from the disease less than six months ago, or a negative test less than 72 hours ago.

– With Agence France-Presse


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