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Track Santa along his Christmas Eve journey with NORAD.

Ho ho ho, West Island Today families!  Santa here, gearing up for the most exciting time of the year!  Did you know that NORAD has been helping me zip around the globe since 1955? It's true – they're like the elves of high-tech tracking!

The NORAD Tracks Santa® (NTS) program makes sure my sleigh is equipped with all the latest gadgets – from computers to Santa Cams in space!

Right now, I'm making my way around the globe to spread some serious holiday cheer. We've been busy making toys all year-long and today we've embarked on our worldwide adventure bright and early!

Now, here's the scoop – NORAD is going to be keeping an eye on me from the moment I launch. Those fighter pilots are even snapping pics of me in action!  And get this, they've got Santa Cams in space capturing videos of my sleigh ride. You can catch the magic almost every hour on December 24th!

So, West Island Today families, mark your calendars and gather 'round the computer or phone on December 24th. Visit for live updates, or give NORAD a jingle at +1-877-HI-NORAD. Get ready for a sleigh-load of festive fun, and let's spread the joy together!


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