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This emergency shelter in the West Island needs our help

Image courtesy of WIX

Halte-Transition, the only emergency shelter in the West Island located at the Chateau Pierrefonds has to vacate the building as soon as possible since it is no longer able to manage from that location.

The emergency shelter has housed over 260 individuals since December 2020, providing a warm place to stay, access to food, and hygienic services.

AJOI (Action Jeunesse de l'Ouest de l'île) is asking community members to help find a new location for the warming shelter. They are looking for a place that has at least 3 closed rooms, one large room, a washer, and dryer, at least 2 bathrooms and a shower, a kitchenette with a sink as well as access to public transport.

There are many ways that our community can help save Halte-Transition. Tell AJOI if there are any potential places, let others know that they are looking for a new location, volunteer at Halte-Transition, make a donation, and many more that you can find on their website

Help save the Halte-Transition and help the less fortunate people in our community find a safe and warm place to stay when they are in need.


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