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The SPVM nabs two suspects in West Island robberies

Police officers from the West Criminal Investigations Section of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) arrested two individuals last Tuesday, who are suspected of being the perpetrators of a series of burglaries that occurred recently in the West Island.

The alleged thieves, Logan Swen Krassilowsky, 24, and Abdoul Aziz Toure, 37, allegedly targeted houses whose occupants were absent. After making sure no one was there, one of the suspects broke into the residence while the other kept watch outside.

The SPVM launched a major operation to apprehend the two accomplices, who allegedly committed at least eight burglaries using this modus operandi. Various elements collected by the investigators quickly allowed them to identify Krassilowsky and Toure as potential suspects. The police apprehended them on September 6, as they were traveling together in a car in Laval.

Searches subsequently carried out at the suspects homes and vehicles revealed an impressive amount of stolen goods. Luxury watches, valuable jewelry and the sum of approximately $20,000 in cash were seized by the police.


Krassilowsky and Toure appeared in court Friday, after their arrest at the Montreal courthouse, to face charges of breaking and entering and possession of stolen property. They will remain detained until the next stage of the legal proceedings.

The investigation is continuing to determine if the suspects could be responsible for other similar thefts that have occurred in recent weeks. Anyone with information about them or who has been the victim of a burglary is asked to contact 911 or their neighborhood station. It is also possible to contact Info-Crime Montréal anonymously and confidentially at 514 393‑1133 or via the reporting form available on the website.


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