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The Ricochet Center in Pierrefonds-Roxboro will provide shelter for the homeless 24/7

Ricochet (Hébergement/Homes) is proud to announce the opening of the new Ricochet Center on September 12th at 5100 avenue du Château-Pierrefonds, in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. The Ricochet Center will replace the night resource, Halte-Transition, and will offer 24/7 services to homeless people in the West Island and surrounding areas.

Two distinct services will be offered at the Ricochet Center:

  1. A social reintegration program with shelter; The objective of this program with shelter is to offer homeless people a stable and safe environment where they can recharge their batteries while working to improve their living situation. The program's beneficiaries will be able to use the center's services, as long as they are invested in their efforts, until they find housing. A team will support them, comprised of psychosocial workers and three residential stability with support workers (RSS), including one with a specific youth mandate (18-35 years old).

  2. Emergency beds; The second program, located in the same building, will offer 12 emergency beds and a comforting and safe space to rest, eat, shower, and warm up. These services will be available at night only and for a limited period. The beneficiaries will then be referred to the resources appropriate to their situation and needs.


This initiative is made possible thanks to funding from the federal government's Reaching Home program and financial support from Mission Inclusion, the Foundation of Greater Montreal, West Island Community Shares, and Centraide of Greater Montreal.

Since 2017, Ricochet has been committed to developing and offering housing and support solutions for people experiencing residential instability in the West Island of Montreal and surrounding areas.

SOURCE: Ricochet (Hébergement/Homes)

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