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The newest Animatch lineup

Updated: Jun 18


Lady Bug was found wandering in the woods. Now she is safe and sound and looking for some new digs. She's a fresh slate and ready to try anything and everything the world has to offer. Lady Bug is very high energy and will go wherever her nose leads her. She needs lots of exercise, mental and physical, training, patience, love, commitment, and a fenced yard. Another dog, respectful children, and/or a dog-savvy cat would all be fine. She knows her family is somewhere out there waiting for a pup just like her. 


Nomad wandered the woods by himself for at least fifty-four days. He was first spotted on March 6th, and once Ge Cherche Charly and their never-say-die volunteers got involved, it took nine days to catch him. He knows he can live on his own and fend for himself, but Nomad has gotten used to a soft bed and two squares a day. (Plus snacks). He wants his own family. This family will have to put in a certain amount of work. He loves to go on walks and is beginning to understand that humans would prefer to stay vertical when on the other end of the leash. Nomad and his guardian would both benefit from obedience training. He's waiting patiently for that person to fill out the form. 


Storm's pups have all found their forever homes. This beauty from Kuujjuirapik loves the outdoors in all weather. Of course, winter is her favourite so if you've been thinking about snowshoeing or skijooring, now would be the time. She should be your only pet as she has taken a pass on most potential canine friends. Storm has been gifted with the husky howl, so no apartments or condos. Storm is a smart, independent girl who prefers two-legged friends to the four-legged. Could that be you? 

For more information on Choupie, Lady Bug. Nomad, Storm, or any of the other dogs available for adoption, go to


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