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The Musée de Lachine's Off-Site Exhibition is fun and interactive

Photo: Swimming around 1925, corner 20ᵉ Avenue and boulevard Saint-Joseph © Société d’histoire de Lachine, Fonds Gélinas

From June, 1 to October, 30, discover Points de vue – Souvenirs d’été, a visual and auditory journey presented in four parks in the borough of Lachine and focusing on summer recollections.

Composed of devices that look like telescopes, the exhibition invites visitors to delve into Lachine’s past by discovering photographs taken from the museum’s archives and those of the Société d’histoire de Lachine.

Each of these telescopes is accompanied by an audio clip created by Audiotopie that can be downloaded for free on Soundcloud. In this audio clip, visitors will hear a fictional story inspired by the corresponding archival image and set in a historical sound environment.

Four views on 20th century Lachine

For this edition, the museum’s team has turned its attention to summer memories of Lachine. From steamboats racing down the tumultuous Lachine rapids to family afternoons on Malo beach to fishing tournaments organized at the museum’s fish farm, the exhibition highlights Lachine’s rich and close relationship with the river and its water activities.

Where the telescopes are installed

  • Parc Ranger

  • Parc de la Marina d’escale

  • New waterfront park (at the end of the peninsula)

  • Musée de Lachine

It is best to view the exhibition in daylight. The project is funded under the Agreement between Ville de Montréal and the Québec government on the cultural development of Montréal.

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