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SUB Montreal local, Akeen Kidder is turning yarn into unique masterpieces

Photo courtesy of AK The Yarn Art Guy on Facebook

The first time I had a look at The Yarn Art Guy's work, I had to take a double look. What looked liked a normal painting, ended up being much more interesting than I expected. With a closer look, it can be seen that it is not a regular painting, but a masterpiece made by yarn.

Akeen Kidder, also known as, AK The Yarn Art Guy, grew up in Montreal and graduated from Concordia in Building Engineering, where he now works as a project manager. Although he works in engineering, he has always had an artistic side to him.

"I always had a passion for art and creation, but more than anything I always wanted to create something unique." -Akeen Kidder

He began his artistic journey with painting and drawing, but one day in 2017, he randomly had an idea to use yarn rather than his usual paint and paintbrush.

Photo courtesy of @yarnartguy on Instagram

"I loved the Starry Night by Van Gogh, and looking at that painting, it looked like each stroke was a tiny strand, so I recreated it in yarn" -Akeen Kidder

And that was the start of his amazing journey as a yarn artist.

Akeen Kidder's love for yarn art can be seen through his determination through a lengthy process to make each piece of art. This process includes finding inspiration, sketching the idea onto a canvas, planning out the colour scheme, laying each piece of yarn out, and hot glueing the yarn onto the canvas.

Akeen Kidder's pieces have a great amount of variety, where he creates portraits, sceneries, abstract designs and so much more.

This passion has led to the start of an incredible business where he is now selling his created masterpieces, as well as taking custom orders. He has many pieces for sale, which can be seen on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

A huge congratulations to Akeen Kidder on his gorgeous projects.

To check out and buy his work, visit

For custom pieces, send a private message on Instagram to @yarnartguy to discuss possibilities and time frame.

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