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Student Petitions Dorval Library to allow individual study

The current pandemic affects class groups on very different levels. Some students don’t have equal access to a stable internet condition, a safe learning environment, or even the tools necessary for online learning like others do. Without corresponding access to resources, how can these students’ educations be considered to be equally as effective? They simply cannot be.

Rather than managing these student’s expectations, Shawn Gorman, a Concordia student, has taken it upon himself to start a petition asking the Dorval Library to re-open for individual study. Shawn Gorman hopes that this call to action will even the playing field for all students regardless of their access to learning materials and necessary resources.

“I find it’s important mainly for students who do not have access to basic needs for online learning. That may range from something as basic as proper quiet time for homework to something more demanding such as a need for a computer or stable internet connection,” said Shawn Gorman.

As municipal libraries in Montreal open to offer study spaces for individual study as of very recently, this petition asks the council to take action allowing the library to reopen in order to serve the academic needs of residents throughout the city.

Just as grocery stores and other businesses have adapted to operate safely with social distancing measures in place, the petition asks that the library be allowed to reopen with prudent safety protocols, including:

  • Capacity restrictions based on square footage to enable social distancing.

  • Operational procedures ensuring proper distancing protocols, including signage marking appropriate spacing for patrons and equipment.

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols with medical-grade disinfectants.

  • Implementing hygiene and screening methods.

  • Clear communication to staff and patrons about expectations.

  • Providing resources and training for employees and clients.

Safely reopening the library will allow many of Dorval residents and students to return to work and continue taking care of their obligations.

All support is appreciated, however the petition is limited to Dorval residents to give the council a realistic perspective for this particular demand.

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