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Roxboro brothers turn lemons into lemonade as they raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis

The Partouche-Massa brothers, Ness (11) and Ariel (8) have had a busy summer selling lemonade and raising money for an important cause.

Make no mistake, this is not your average lemonade stand; over 1,000$ in proceeds have been raised through their stand to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Programme at the Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital.

This cause is near and dear to their hearts, as their mother, Ayana Fernando Massa, has been living with MS for the past two years. With her support and supervision, the boys will work from 10 am until 6 pm every Saturday and Sunday during the summer to help those like Ayana who seek a cure. She is immensely proud of the boys' tireless efforts to help raise funds and brighten up the days of so many.

The West Island News spoke to the boys at their stand on Saturday to check in and spread the word about this fundraising initiative.

The public's overflowing generosity has not gone unnoticed. Ayana is overwhelmed by the kind words and gestures of the community; even concert tickets and flowers have been gifted to her family once word of their initiative got out.

The boys dream of a large-scale inflatable lemonade stand to help them in their fundraising journey, with plans being made to continue next summer.

To donate to the MS Society of Canada, visit;

To donate to the Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital, visit;


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