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Rise in property values cause rise in municipal taxes

The property assessment roll is an inventory of all the properties located on the territory of a municipality. It contains information to identify and describe immovables for property tax calculation purposes.

According to the Montreal Agglomeration it indicates in particular:

The real value of the buildings.

The tax category to which they belong

This is how the roll helps to distribute the tax burden among landowners.

A new assessment roll is filed every three years and serves as the basis for calculating municipal and school taxes for the three fiscal years following its filing. For the agglomeration of Montreal, a property assessment roll is drawn up for each of the 16 related municipalities.

As an example, the City of Pointe-Claire's average residential property has experienced a growth of 39.9% as revealed by the 2023–2025 City of Montréal assessment roll, which reflects the market value over the past three years.

The average change in property values for the 16 cities of the Montréal agglomeration is 32.4%, or 5.6% lower than in Pointe-Claire, which shows an average growth of 38%. In a recent release from the city of Pointe-Claire it is stated that this new assessment will come into force starting January 1, 2023. It is important to specify that this growth is not directly reflected in the tax bill. Other factors come into play when preparing the municipal budget, including the service offer and the priorities, used to determine the tax rate.


This assessment roll is one of the elements taken into consideration when preparing the municipal budget. Pointe-Claire's goal is to limit tax bill increases while continuing to ensure the quality of services offered to the community.

The following links allow you to consult the roll of your property and possibly understand more about this process that has West Islanders on high alert.

To consult the 2023–2025 City of Montréal assessment roll (in French):

To consult the assessment roll of your property (in French):

For more information about the City of Montréal assessment roll:

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