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Introducing Pointe-Claire's Young Rose: The Romantic Rapper

photo: Facebook

Malik Robitaille-Seck, better known as Young Rose, has already released two excellent albums and a four-song EP in 2023. Although he is keeping his plans for this year under wraps, the 23-year-old artist is confident that he will soon be recognized as one of the best. Young Rose does not like setting goals that limit him.

He believes that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to, whether it's winning an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy, or anything else. While he is primarily a rapper and producer, he wants to do everything and help other artists reach their full potential. Despite the competitiveness of the hip-hop industry, Young Rose views his future with optimism and conviction.

He raps in English, which gives him a wider audience, and his songs have qualities that can appeal to a broad range of listeners. However, in Quebec, English-speaking artists face significant hurdles, and it's challenging to gain support without a massive following.

Young Rose was born in Pointe-Claire, a suburb of Montreal, to a Quebecois mother and a Senegalese father. His name is a combination of his parents' surnames: Robitaille and Seck. He chose the name "Young" because he thought it sounded like a rapper's name, but he admits that he was a bit corny when he was younger. As a teenager, the music Young Rose listened to and growing up on the West Island of Montreal influenced his language of artistic expression. He found that he was more comfortable writing and rapping in English, and his accent sounded better when he sang in that language.

Take a peek at the up and coming star on his Facebook Page



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