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Pierrefonds-Roxboro to crack down on residential pool regulations.

If you live in Pierrefonds-Roxboro and have an outdoor pool, you will be visited by an inspector this summer, who will be enforcing a newly updated provincial law. Government regulation regarding the safety of residential swimming pools was changed in 2021, and residential pools that have been installed before 2010 must ensure that their installation respects the new standards.

PHOTO: Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

You can now verify if your pool complies by consulting a self-assessment form.

A list of complete rules may be found here. Some include:

  • All residential swimming pools must be equipped with a protective fence of at least 1.2 meters in height on all sides.

  • The enclosure must have a door that closes and locks automatically.

  • The diving board must be installed in accordance with BNQ Standard 9461-100, which describes the minimum water level requirements.

  • Every device linked to the pool must be installed more than one meter from the pool wall or, as the case may be, the enclosure to prevent children from climbing in.

  • A hedge or bushes may not constitute an enclosure.

If your pool was built before November 1, 2010, you will have to comply with the provincial regulations in effect and proceed to make it compliant before September 30, 2025.

"Whether they are above ground, in-ground or even removable, residential pools pose a significant risk of drowning for young children, especially when they are not under adult supervision and if the facilities are not adequately secured. It is imperative that each owner ensures the compliance of his or her installation, not only to respect the new law, but to ultimately prevent the loss of human life," said Dimitrios (Jim) Beis, Mayor of Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

Door hangers will be distributed at the doors of the inspected residences to remind them of the visit from the Urban Planning, Permits, and Inspections Division inspector. The Borough will then inform the owners concerned of any non-compliance.

A permit is required if you are installing a pool or modifying the facilities. If you have any questions about a future installation or modifications to your current installation, you may contact their Planning Department:

  • By email:

  • In-person: at the Permit Counter located at the Pierrefonds-Roxboro Borough Hall (13665, boulevard de Pierrefonds)

To help you understand the rules governing residential pool safety, consult the Frequently Asked Questions document prepared by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

SOURCE: Borough of Pierrefonds Roxboro, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

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