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PHOTOS: Real estate developer Prével outlines plans for former Merck lot in Kirkland

Kirkland's Charles-E. Frosst plot of land, known as the former site of the Merck Frosst pharmaceutical buildings, will be developed in sequence with a residential development plan in partnership with the City of Kirkland, real estate developer Prével and its partner TGTA.

PHOTO: Prével

The site is a vacant industrial lot of over 1.5 million square feet located on Brunswick Boulevard. Prével states that its goal is to create a "new residential neighborhood, inspired by best real estate development practices that are focused on sustainability, community, mobility, and providing a high quality of life for residents."

The makeup of the land's area will combine mixed-use housing, and the developers claim they are considering its proximity to the Pointe-Claire REM station as it will promote access to public transportation and integrate pedestrian and cycling infrastructures.

Here is an illustration of the preliminary plan and master plan for the site;

PHOTO: Prével (preliminary master plan)

PHOTO: Prével

"The preliminary concept for the site's layout was developed based on the desire to create a living environment that fits in seamlessly with its surroundings. The layout of the various types of housing (single-family homes, townhouses, and condos) is done in a way so that there is a gradual increase in height and density throughout the space."

Demolition of the pre-existing buildings was set to be completed last spring. Preliminary commercialization is meant to begin this fall, as is the start of infrastructure and townhouse construction. The spring of 2023 will see the construction of the condos.

The former Merck buildings are partially demolished on-site. The construction zone appears to be in its preliminary stages.

Prével and its partner TGTA have worked on the project for several years. Here is a timeline of events that have led up to the site's plans, as recounted by Prével's website;



  • In October of 2019, the surrounding community was invited to a first information session on the site's future. Over 130 people attended the meeting.

  • In November, discussions started between Prével, TGTA, and the Town of Kirkland.

  • The surrounding community was invited to a second meeting. The attendees participated in a workshop allowing them to comment on the future of the real estate development. Participants were also able to apply to join the working group. Of the 86 participants, 28 expressed an interest in joining the working group.

  • The following December, these 28 people met up and selected eight individuals who would represent the citizens of Kirkland in the group.

February 2020 to September 2021

The group was officially established. It was made up of 12 members:

  • Eight citizens

  • One Prével representative

  • The owner of the lot

  • Two representatives from the Town of Kirkland

  • Members of the working group met for eight working sessions. First, they discussed the major orientations of the project. This work allowed the Town to prepare new zoning by-laws for the site. It also helped the developers produce a site plan.

June 2021

  • The surrounding community was invited to a third meeting held online. The site plan and the project's overall outline were presented at the meeting.

November 2021 to present

  • Prével reconvened the working group, initially established by the Town of Kirkland, so the community could continue to be involved in the project's development and design. The design of the site plan's different sectors, and the planning of the next stages (commercialization, infrastructures, construction work, etc.) are underway.

SOURCE: Prével

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