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Parti Québecois proposes gas price freeze as costs reach an all-time high

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In a press release issued by the Canadian Press, it was announced that the Parti Québécois is proposing to temporarily limit the cost of gasoline at the pump to $1.60 per liter, with the difference in price to be paid by oil producers.

One expert believes, however, that the measure would have the effect of prolonging Quebecers' dependence on oil.

Faced with the soaring gasoline prices, which recently passed the $2-a-litre mark, PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is outraged to see oil companies raking in record profits, calling it "grand theft."

"It is not normal nor acceptable that 85 percent of the increase in the price at the pump goes directly into the pockets of oil companies and their refineries," he said. "Experts expect a liter of gasoline to rise above $2.20 soon. There comes a time when we can no longer sit back and watch; it requires an emergency plan."

Pierre-Olivier Pineau, a professor at HEC and holder of the Chair in Energy Sector Management, fears that the PQ's proposal would have the long-term effect of reducing the incentive for consumers to get off oil quickly.

In an interview, the PQ leader said the measure could be applied for six months or a year to provide short-term relief for many families.

At the same time, he would like to see an increase in quotas for the sale of zero-emission vehicles to force manufacturers to increase supply.


Source: The Canadian Press

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