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One Team, One Dream Cancer Care: Help make a difference

One Team, One Dream Cancer Care West Island

One Team, One Dream Cancer Care is a West Island group that aims to provide annual donations to cancer-related organizations by setting up sporting and cultural events throughout the year, such as squash and dart tournaments. The group also collects empty bottles and cans to raise money.

West Island resident and One Team, One Dream member, Jim Morrison, has been collecting empties for a year. Once collected, he cashes them in at local grocery stores and donates the money received to West Island Community Shares.

In January, One Team, One Dream raised $4,000 for West Island Community shares thanks to Morrison, who helped the group reach a record of 11,000 empties that month.

The West Island group is always looking for new members to join.

To get involved with the One Team, One Dream Cancer Care group, and to stay up to date on the latest numbers of empties and donations, visit their Facebook page.

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