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Old School Hobby Revival?

We investigated some of the more hands-on hobbies people took on over the pandemic, as well as some newer ones.

Recently, a local West Island hobby shop decided it would close its doors in the spring after 27 years of business.

So we were thinking, are old school collectibles and hobbies fizzling out?

In an article by Popular Science, they say that 2020 was the year of miniatures, mainly because of the popular social media platform TikTok.

Creators made content relating to painted miniatures and other collectible hobbies that have seen a decline in their popularity in recent years.

The 1974 tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons has also seen its decline in popularity over the years. But because of similar creators online, it seems to have received its spark again.

Watch the video above to see what we discovered!

Let us know in the comments what hobbies you revisited or picked up during the pandemic!

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