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New parking restrictions in Pierrefonds-Roxboro have residents demanding change

Image courtesy of Google Maps

In early October, parking limitations were imposed on Eldor-Daigneault and Wilfrid street in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. Resident complaints made in regards to safety concerns in April 2021 prompted the sudden change.

"After an extensive study of the issue after receiving complaints from residents on these streets, a committee comprised of police, city planners and the fire department, it was determined that the roads are too narrow to accommodate parking on both sides,"

stated Pierrefonds-Roxboro Mayor Jim Beis in an interview with West Island News.

According to the Transport Ministry's regulations, streets require a width of 11 meters to accommodate parking on both sides.

"The road is 9.5 meters wide with a daycare on it," Beis explained. "This decision was not made in haste nor was it made without proper evaluation. Safety is the top priority."

Some residents are upset because the daycare employees have resorted to parking on the road leaving no spots for residents.

In an email to the West Island News from Ali Hassan, Souheil Siouffi, Al-Shakfa Fidaa, Baba-Aissa, Abdel Malek, and Bomba Franco, it was stated that a petition opposing the new restrictions has gathered 100 signatures.

"We are furious and disoriented about this decision-making neglecting our concerns, and as such, have united in signing these petitions to demand justice, because [the city's] unilateral actions:

1. Have restricted our lives and freedom in quiet non-passing streets;

2. Have created an open corridor of zoom speeding cars, endangering our families and community;

3. Gave the daycare patrons free public parking spots, while the taxpayers ARE RESTRICTIVE;

4. Created speed-zones around curbs at 40 km/hr for pedestrians, kids, and babies; and,

5. Will definitely endanger residents in the winter season, such as hampering city snow removal activities.


The issue will certainly be addressed after the November 7th municipal election.


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