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N-Hance Quebec celebrates a successful first year

N-Hance offers quality wood refinishing services, and the #1 Cabinet Refinisher in Canada is quickly expanding into Quebec.

The company has celebrated its first year of operations in Quebec and currently occupies 8 locations in the province.

The Chief Executive Officer of N-Hance Quebec, Hannah Ghazanfar, shared the results that the company has achieved within the provincial market.

"The success of our franchisees are our successes" Ghazanfar stated at the event held at the St. Raphaël Golf club in Île Bizard. "We will continue to expand our network so that our services are accessible to every resident of Quebec."

If your woodworkings need a refresh or a color change, N-Hance offers cabinet and hardwood floor refinishing with an advanced Lightspeed technology that dries finishings on-site. This revolutionary technology reduces the duration of the process, and you can return to normal without the wait time, not to mention there is no dust or unpleasant odor!

Pictured are kitchen cabinets, even a dresser, before and after N-Hance projects. The results show the visible difference and the impact of quality wood refinishings.


N-Hance Quebec may also assist you with your hardwood floor restorations to eliminate signs of discoloration, scratches, or foot traffic. Even your granite countertops may lose their shine over time and can be sealed and protected to appear new again!

To contact N-Hance Quebec West Island for a free estimate, call (514)-963-2888.



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