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Maison Caracol needs your help to continue their services for over 375 children and their families.

Maison Caracol is a non-profit organization in Pierrefonds-East specializing in community-based social pediatrics. What does this mean? Community-based social pediatrics is an integrated social medicine approach that focuses on the child's needs and builds on the strengths of the child, family, and community.

This community-based model identifies and acts effectively to reduce or eliminate toxic stresses that affect the development of children from vulnerable, socially, and materially disadvantaged backgrounds.

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The story of Maison Caracol goes back to September 2013. Then, Claire Legault had the idea of creating a social pediatrics center in Pierrefonds-Est, after finishing her teaching career there, where she noticed the critical needs of children living in the Cloverdale neighborhood.

The charitable organization "La Maison Caracol" was created on April 15th, 2014. The board of directors is formed, and Claire Legault is named Executive Director.

Their mission is to enable each child to develop their full potential, in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, that is, to support the growth and optimal development of children aged 0 to 17 living in highly vulnerable situations by offering them integrated social medicine services (physical health and psychosocial services) and quality legal services that meet their needs and interests.

The organization is seeking financial support to create an environment where they may provide a more extensive and better-adapted space for their 375 children by building a new roof. The parents and guardians need a confidential area and a space for the social and support workers to assist the children to their fullest potential. A new roof is essential for at-risk youth to receive free medical and professional care at Maison Caracol.

"I am speaking to you personally as the Founder and Executive Director of this charitable organization that is so close to my heart. Maison Caracol exists for children who live in a very vulnerable situation. In order to pursue our essential mission, Maison Caracol must be housed in a warm, family-like setting that meets the needs of the children, the parents and our super workers. Become our financial partner by supporting the cause of children!" said Claire Legault.

To donate and support Maison Caracol, click here.

SOURCE: Maison Caracol

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