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Looking behind the label of Nutella

Nutella, the mouthwatering chocolaty Italian treat that is known around the world. It is the go-to snack for millions of people, whether they use it as a spread on their toast or eat it straight out of the jar. Before we indulge, we don't often stop and think about the origins and ingredients of this delicious snack.

The origins of Nutella

Nutella is a sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. The first jar of the hazelnut spread was sold in 1964 at a bakery in Alba, a small town in Italy.

The Ingredients of Nutella

Many people claim that Nutella tastes different depending on the country where it was purchased. For example, some say that Nutella purchased in Italy tastes creamier and less sweet than the North American product. This leads people to believe that the recipe and creation process must be different throughout the world.

No concrete findings prove that the manufacturing process of Nutella varies from country to country. However, Ferrero claims that "The unmistakable recipe ofNutella® is the same worldwide." This leads to the question, what are these "unmistakable" ingredients?

According to the Nutella website, the product is made using 7 different ingredients. Sugar, Palm oil, Hazelnuts, Milk, Cocoa, Lecithin, and Vanillin.

Nutella's Palm Oil ingredient has raised many questions regarding the sustainability of the ingredient. Supply chain issues were causing deforestation to harvest the product with a lot of the demand coming from the Ferrero Company. Nutella has now committed to "certified sustainable palm oil" that does not lead to deforestation. More details are available on the company's website, Nutella Palm Oil Sustainability.

You may now think about Nutella a little differently the next time you consume it.

Have you noticed a difference in Nutella from another country? Comment below!

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