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Loblaws C.E.O Weston pledges a price freeze for "No Name" products

In a letter to the Loblaws community, C.E.O Galen Weston promised that amidst rising grocery prices and inflation, No Name brand products will remain at the same price point. This pledge is said to be in effect until January 31st, 2023.

No Name products are sold at Provigo, Pharmaprix, and Maxi in Québec, as well as No Frills, Zehrs, Real Canadian Superstore, T&T, Atlantic Superstore, Fortinos, and more elsewhere in the country. This price freeze applies to 1,500 grocery items and will go into effect for the whole country.

"Anyone who regularly visits the grocery store knows that the cost of food has increased rapidly over the past year. In fact, the price of an average basket of groceries is up about 10% this year…and almost 15% over two years. For some items — like butter, apples, soups, and chips — prices are up much more than that," stated Galen Weston.

VIDEO: Facebook, Loblaw Companies Limited

Weston then pledged to price No Name products consistently; "You’ll know that if other food prices go up, No Name prices won’t… guaranteed. In the weeks ahead, we’ll continue to lower prices here, in our flyer, and across our stores, all designed to provide immediate relief from escalating food costs."

SOURCE: Loblaw Companies Limited

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