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John Abbott students to take on prestigious French literature program.

Ten John Abbott College students will take on the French literature Prix Goncourt des lycéens, marking the first time an English college in North America participates in the program.

The Prix Goncourt des lycéens involves high school students across France who read and analyze a selection of novels from the Goncourt Academy, a French literary organization's list, ultimately choosing a winner.

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The students will have to read 16 novels in nine weeks; alongside their peers in France, they partake in seven regional meetings, forging connections with authors and gaining insights into the creative process.

"The fact that 10 dedicated students from this institution have willingly taken on the challenge of reading 16 novels in just nine weeks during their free time is truly exceptional and a testament to their passion for literature", says Daniel Rondeau, professor of French at John Abbott College.

Each class will nominate a delegate to present their top three chosen books during regional deliberations, held simultaneously in six cities. Then, each region chooses its best three novels and two delegates. The big finale takes place in Rennes, where the first award was presented, and the Prix Goncourt des lycéens will be formally announced.

"John Abbott College stands with immense pride as it takes part in this remarkable program, symbolizing the power of literature to transcend borders and languages," the College stated in a press release.

SOURCE: John Abbott College


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