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7 Inspiration ideas for traditional kitchen designs from around the world

Human life is dominated by culture. Culture may be found in various contexts, such as food, labor, art, or everyday life. This concept is also used in different kitchen designs in different countries. Kitchen designs are typically identified by particular eras and design ideas, and not by country. However, each country has its unique features and characteristics when it comes down to designing kitchens.

Asian kitchen design ideas tend to be more practical and minimalistic. Mexican kitchens, on the other side, are more open-plan. European kitchens have a similar style, being bright and modern but still having traditional kitchen components like wooden cabinets and balanced out by brilliant white granite worktops.

These are some classic ideas for kitchens from around the world you might like to incorporate into your own kitchen.

  1. English Kitchen Design

English kitchen designs are known for incorporating a natural look and the use of decorations to bring colour to the overall style. The cabinets and cupboards in English kitchens are usually white. Countertops can be made from wood or granite. You have two choices for classic tiling: subway or something more extravagant. These basic designs set a bright and airy tone throughout the area.

2. French Kitchen Design

Infusing both comfortable and beautiful elements into a French-style kitchen design will create a harmonious look. Even when it comes to kitchen designs, comfort and elegance are important in France. Earthy tones, animal décor, and even toil and flowery textiles will all be used in many French kitchen designs.

3. American Kitchen Design

While there isn't a set style for a modern American kitchen, having a large and spacious kitchen is essential. You have many options to personalize a large American-style kitchen. Since the American lifestyle is a mixture of different immigrant cultural traditions, the American-style kitchen design can include elements from different locations.

4.Italian Kitchen Design

An Italian modern kitchen design features minimalist designs, open spaces and lots of light. It is common to use stainless steel and timber materials in the kitchen, as well as white as the dominant colour.

Italian kitchens have a unique feature: their countertops often include a sink and stove located close to each other. This allows homeowners the freedom to cook and gives them quick and easy access.

5. Mexican Kitchen Design

A Mexican kitchen is known for its rustic floor, large tiles and bold colors. Common colors include yellows, blues and reds. Mexican kitchens are usually small. This means that the layout is often designed to accommodate one person. However, almost all kitchens will be functionally and fully furnished.

6. Japanese Kitchen Design

Japanese kitchen designs have a strong reputation for being traditional and suitable for small kitchens. Because of its simplicity and sleek design, the Japanese style can combine modern and traditional elements. Their style is minimal, functional, yet full of visual and aesthetic drama brought by incorporating elements of nature.

7. Indian Kitchen Design

A traditional Indian-style kitchen will have a rich color scheme. Most Indian kitchen designs have lots of storage space and big counters. Indian kitchen layouts are famous for using U-shaped patterns.

Kitchen designs change with time. However, some elements of the space will most likely bear a regional connection. Your kitchen can still be designed in your own style. And knowledge of different styles in kitchens from other countries will give you more ideas.


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