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Huge renovations to be made at Beaconsfield Batshaw facility

Image courtesy of WIX

The new Batshaw facility has taken a step forward in developments, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé and Junior Health Minister Lionel Carmant said in a press release that the project is starting a new phase in construction.

Originally the new faculty that started developments in 2013 was supposed to be finished by 2015. Part of the delays were pandemic-related since the buildings were being repurposed as Covid testing centres.

The plans as of right now is to add four new buildings which will include an activity centre, a school, and three additional units. Batshaw will transfer its teens from the Dorval building into the Beaconsfield developments. On the grounds, there will be boys and girls aged 12 to 18 who need a more structured environment.

If the estimates are correct, there will be no more delays and the full campus will be ready by 2027.

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