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Here's where you're actually allowed to study on the West Island

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We can only imagine how difficult it has been for students of all ages and all levels over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students come from a variety of backgrounds, and it's not always possible to have readily available access to the internet now that classes are primarily virtual.

Beyond that, it can be incredibly difficult to concentrate at home, and many students find they do their best work when they are out of the house. Public libraries are great, but not everyone has one close enough by that they can walk to if they don't have a vehicle.

That said, here is a list of cafes and restaurants on the West Island that welcome students to study.


Café de Source

"Café located on Des Sources, serving coffee, tea, ice cream, cake, pastry, pizza, sandwiches & more!"

This local café came highly recommended by West Islanders. Head to Café de Source for a traditional mom & pop feel with delicious homemade goodies.

Second Cup Centennial Plaza

Second Cup in Centennial Plaza offers a similar feel to Starbucks without all the hustle and bustle. With tons of tables and lots of plugs to charge your electronics, this is a great option for those who need a little bit quieter to concentrate.

Where: 3365 Boul. Des Sources, DDO Montreal, QC, H9B 1Z8


Head to Rockaberry for a traditional diner feel. Serving delicious pies and cheesecakes, this is the perfect place to settle in from morning to evening. Grab a group of friends, enjoy their delicious potato wedges and decadent coffees, and get in the zone.

With locations in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Kirkland and Vaudreuil students from all over the West Island and surrounding areas can enjoy this delicious spot.

Nutrition Kirkland

Head over to Nutrition Kirkland for a vibrant, modern atmosphere with unique drink options and an inviting staff.

Nutrition Kirkland is a great alternative to the traditional coffee shop. Hit the gym for your morning workout then take a seat at Nutrition Kirkland to enjoy a post-workout shake and study sesh.

"Nutrition Kirkland is a Smoothie Bar offering Healthy & Nutritious Protein Drinks, Teas & Coffees!"


We all know it, and we all love it. And it's for a reason. Starbucks has been around for years, and it creates a warm, cozy, home-ish feeling for its customers.

Employees are always welcoming and do everything in their power to make your stay at Starbucks one to remember.

Let us know in the comments what West Island Starbucks location has your heart.


"Metspace West-island is a coworking space in Montreal that is totally dedicated to your personal and professional growth. Metspace West-Island offers its members a collaborative environment including networking and social activities as well as a variety of interactive activities, designed to improve performance, expand networks and support the growth of your business. Find out why Metspace is recognized as the number 1 coworking space in Montreal!"


Where's your go-to study spot? Let us know in the comments!

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