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Gift your loved one a donkey for Valentine's Day!

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Valentine's Day is almost here and you may be wondering to get your partner. Chocolates and flowers are cute but this year why not try giving your partner something different!

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada lets you sponsor, donate and visit their donkeys. At the sanctuary, they strive to provide a loving home for mules, donkeys, and hinnies that have been neglected abused, or whose owners can't take care of them anymore. The sanctuary provides education about the donkeys as well as food, shelter, and medical treatment for all of their animals.

This Valentine's Day instead of buying the stereotypical gift for your partner you can donate in honor of them. There is also the choice of donating a minimum of $10 to receive a video of your choice of the donkey enclosure!

It doesn't only have to be for Valentine's Day; you can make a one-time donation or there's the option of donating monthly. You can choose to sponsor animals where you'll be part of their life for $10 a month or $75 per year. Sponsoring the animal helps buy them food, medicine, vet treatment, and more.

Hopefully, for next Valentine's Day, you can visit the donkey sanctuary of Canada in person. They are located at 6981 Conc. 4 Puslinch, ON. N0B 2J0.


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