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Ecomuseum says goodbye to Pika, their beloved river otter.

The Ecomuseum Zoo announced with great sadness the demise of Pika, the beloved and iconic river otter that was under its care. All those who were lucky enough to see her thrive in her home will be deeply saddened by her departure.

Pika, who was a wild animal at birth, was taken for the fur trade. She was spared from this awful fate, and in 2016, she found a home at the Ecomuseum Zoo, where she lived with other otters and delighted guests.

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Pika has been enthralling visitors of all ages since 2016. Although the river otter was likely elderly, the Ecomuseum's team had found several potentially alarming health signs. Unfortunately, she experienced cardiac arrest this past Thursday morning while undergoing anesthesia for a veterinary examination to learn more about her condition. They felt as though this check-up was essential to examine her serious illness.

"Pika was much more than a resident animal at our Zoo. She was an ambassador of our mission, an important vehicle for raising awareness, and a constant reminder of the fragility of our ecosystem and the need to protect our biodiversity," stated David Rodrigue, Executive Director of the Ecomuseum Zoo. "The Ecomuseum Zoo will, of course, be open to welcoming other river otters in need, and we hope that visitors will understand the absence of this species among our residents and even draw attention to lesser-known yet equally captivating and important animals."

The Zoo wishes to encourage guests and its supporters to post their recollections of Pika on the organization's social media platforms.

The non-profit Ecomuseum Zoo aims to promote animal welfare, environmental education, and the preservation of species and their natural habitats. The Ecomuseum Zoo allows visitors to see the existence of Quebec's animals firsthand. The Ecomuseum Zoo is accredited by CAZA-AZAC (Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums).

SOURCE: Ecomuseum

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