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Earth month: Plant a tree for zero fee

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April is earth month, so why not contribute to the environment by planting a tree! Several cities around the West Island offer programs where citizens can either get a tree for free or get reimbursed for the tree that they buy.


Beaconsfield has an annual plantation program where it offers Beaconsfield residents the opportunity to get a tree free of charge. The tree will be planted in front of their property on the part that belongs to the city.

If you are interested in contributing to a greener environment by planting a tree, the city of Beaconsfield recommends that you register for plantation as soon as possible. To do so residents can call the Environment Inspector at Public Works (514-428-4500) or email

Almost any type of tree species is allowed and if you are unsure a consultation with the Environment Inspector will help you make your choice!

The Town of Kirkland has 3 tree programs to choose from:

A Tree for my Neighbourhood

A resident of Kirkland can purchase a tree that will be planted on their property at a low cost. There will be a spring sale from April 27th to May 30th and is on a first come first serve basis until supplies last.

A tree can be purchased by visiting the website to choose the type of tree then can be bought directly from the website or by calling 514 507-5401. ext. 104 or 438 505-8378

One Birth, One Tree

This program allows new parents to celebrate their newly born or adopted child by planting a tree and watching it grow alongside them. The tree can be planted either on their property or in a city park or green space.

To be able to partake in this program you must see the eligibility criteria and make an application. More details can be found on

Ensemble, on verdit

This is the new tree replacement program for felled ash trees. Residents of Kirkland will receive subsidies for the purchase of one or more trees that need to replace the ash trees that were cut down.

The program will cover the cost of delivery, planting, and any additions that will be needed to help improve its growth. Purchasing starts in mid-May and more details are to come.

The City of Pointe-Claire will be giving out around 575 trees to residents who have reserved for the spring. The online reservation form will be out on April 14 at 4 pm and will be along on April 22 at 4:30 pm.

The first 100 people to reserve a tree online will have a chance to get a free rain barrel which will be delivered with their tree in May.

On April 14th starting at 4 pm there will be the option to get reservation assistance and consultation by phone (514-630-1230) or in-person at City Hall.

Check out the list of tree species to choose from here!

Vaudreuil-Dorion has the choice 2 tree planting program:

Une naissance, un arbre (One human, one tree)

For the birth or adoption of a child, a Vaudreuil-Dorion resident can get up to $75 for the purchase of a tree. To obtain the reimbursement the parent must fill out an application form and show proof of residence.

Another requirement for this program is that the child must be less than 12 months old, or if adopted, the adoption must have taken place less than 12 months ago. For more information on the conditions visit

Let's make our city greener

This program offers residents to receive up to a $75 refund per tree and each household can receive a grant for 2 trees a year. Once again to be able to take part in this program the resident must fill out an application form and check all other requirements.


Help make the West Island a more environmentally friendly place and let us know in the comments if you'll be planting a tree or any other type of plants this summer!

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