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Dorval’s Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps: A Top-10 Must-Visit Destination in Montreal

Dorval, QC— Nestled directly off Côte De Liesse and Halpern in Dorval, Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps has recently garnered a spot in Montreal's top 10 places to visit. This hidden gem, situated right by Montreal International Airport, offers visitors a unique and unparalleled experience, making it a standout destination for both locals and tourists.

**Why You Need To Go:**

Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps isn’t your typical Montreal park. Unlike other urban green spaces filled with playgrounds and cultural exhibits, this park offers vast expanses of greenery with a special twist — it provides unobstructed views of the 06R and 24L runways, as well as the adjacent taxiways of the bustling Montreal International Airport. This makes it a prime location for aviation enthusiasts, families, and anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful day out with a unique vantage point.


Reaching Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps is a breeze. The park is easily accessible by both car and public transportation, making it convenient for everyone to visit. Its strategic location near the airport ensures that even those on a layover can pop in for a quick, relaxing break.

**What to Expect:**

Visitors to the park can expect wide open spaces perfect for picnics, lounging, or just enjoying the serene environment. The lack of playgrounds and structured exhibits adds to the park's charm, providing an unspoiled, natural setting that allows for breathtaking views of aircraft taking off and landing. Moreover, the park’s layout ensures that nothing obstructs the view of the gorgeous sunsets, making it an ideal spot for evening visits.

Whether you're an aviation buff, a photographer looking for the perfect shot, or simply someone in search of a tranquil outdoor escape, Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps delivers a distinctive and memorable experience. Its unique position and offerings have rightly earned it a place among the best attractions in Montreal.

For more information, visit the [Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps website](


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