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Dorval Residents Have Chosen “Village Park”!

Last December, the City of Dorval launched the “Name Your Park!”contest, asking its residents to find a name for the future green space located at the intersection of Chemin du Bord-du-Lac–Lakeshore and Cloverdale Avenue. In the end, Dorval residents have chosen the name “Village Park”.

PHOTO: City of Dorval

This name received 52.86% of the votes during the public survey held from February 22 to March 10, as opposed to 30.88% for “Heroes Park” and 16.26% for “Agathe de Saint-Père Park”. In total, nearly 800 citizens voted during this last phase of the contest.

A first phase was held a few weeks prior to gather name suggestions submitted by Dorval

residents. Nearly 100 different names were then received. Three of them were chosen to be part of the public survey.

The construction of this new park is expected to begin this year.

SOURCE: City of Dorval.


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