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Dog-friendly terraces & cafés in Montreal

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In light of "Dogust first" fast approaching, we thought we'd put together a list of dog-friendly terraces and cafés across the island of Montreal.

If you don't know, "Dogust first" (which takes place on August 1st) is the national holiday where we celebrate the collective birthdays of all the dogs in shelters and rescues who have not yet found their forever home.

So, if you'd like to celebrate Dogust first with your pooch, be sure to check out these cafés, bistros, bars, and terraces, and give your pup a little extra love.


Studio 77

A place to come and have a latté with friends or indulge in light lunches of sandwiches, soups, and chilies.

Their full alcohol license allows you to enjoy a glass of wine beer or cocktail with your food.

Studio 77 is located right in the heart of Pointe-Claire on the West Island of Montreal! The beautiful restaurant cafe showcases spectacular art all while offering a quiet space to enjoy breakfast, lunch, coffee, pastries, wine, liquor, and more! Spacious tables allow you to bring friends and family to enjoy a peaceful environment.

Wish to enjoy the gorgeous day outside? Sit outside in the shade - with your pup - enjoying a fresh cold smoothie!

Patates & Persil

A cuisine that is simple and fast, made with wholesome, fresh ingredients, to the rhythm of flavors from around the world.

A quaint, unpretentious neighborhood restaurant, where homemade comfort food is made and served with love. Patate & Persil is a "work in progress" which evolves with you... The chef-owner Eric Blais offers a "revamped fast-food" experience that will please everyone from vegetarian to traditional... and even your wallet!

Microbrasserie Trois-Lacs

Trois-Lacs brewery's mission is to offer you a friendly atmosphere where you can come with friends, family, or pooch to enjoy a good beer with ease.

Come socialize, listen to music or watch a game. Bring or order your food, Trois-Lacs takes care of the beer!

Welcome to all! Make yourselves at home!

Microbrasserie Kahnawake Brewing Co.

Kahnawake Brewing Company, the first Native-owned microbrewery on a First Nation's territory in Canada, started its journey in 2016 with a mission to change the beer landscape in the community.

After approximately a year and a half of determination and collaborative discussions to assist in the creation of the regulations for beer production in Kahnawake, KBC served their first pint on Saint Patrick's Day 2018.

Kahnawake Brewing Company has been making waves with their beers inside and outside of the community; a product of their focus on quality, creativity, authenticity, and community.

Ruby's Café

Ruby has always been pretty picky when it comes to food. It has never been easy to satisfy her fine palate.

When Ruby Café from DoggieVille MTL was created, owner Tatiana Custode named the restaurant after her pup Ruby. If Ruby approves of the chef’s creations, it means the food meets her high-quality standards.

Now Ruby’s Café is delighting doggie parents and furry visitors with a wide variety of nutritious and tasty options.

Hot Dog & Cie

A unique concept in Quebec, Hot Dog & Cie is a canine restaurant that allows dogs, dog owners, or anyone else to enjoy a unique experience.

A gourmet restaurant where you can relax and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a lounge atmosphere with music, liquor license, and Wi-Fi access. With or without your dog.

The canine center includes a complete grooming salon for dogs and cats by appointment, a supervised indoor dog park with a dog trainer, and short or long-term boarding for cats and dogs.

HOT DOG & Cie is the ideal place to work, socialize, meet people who share your passions and so much more.

The owners’ mission is to allow customers, accompanied by their dog or not, to live an experience where dogs and humans enjoy relaxation and happiness.

Le Doggy Café

At the Doggy Café, you and your furry friends are received with care and tenderness. We make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable and memorable time with your dog. You will also have the chance to meet several dog owners who, like you, have the well-being of their animals at heart.

The Doggy Café offers its customers a 100% vegetarian menu, with vegan and gluten-free options, mainly made from local, organic, and fair trade products. Our coffee menu is 100% fair to allow customers to enjoy a guilt-free coffee experience.


Riverside is a unique place located along the canal in St Henri. Indoor and outdoor spaces make the perfect “one-stop-shop”. Bring your friends, family, doggies and enjoy delicious cocktails and beer menus, a lovely terrace, great music, a volleyball and basketball court, barbecue, and much more!


Where are your favorite dog-friendly hangouts? Let us know in the comments below!



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