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Contact-free Halloween Candy Slide goes viral

Engineer, Chris Minor, has possibly save Halloween for the world!! His contactless candy slide allows the user to place the candy in the tube and slide it down to the child at the other end. Minor suggests buying candy in bulk and dumping it in a bowl (no contact) and using kitchen pinchers to place the items in the tube for delivery making it safe for all.

Some important words that Chris posted to Facebook:

Having my Candy Slide go viral has taught me a lot of things about people and the world:

  1. You’ll always be met with criticism regardless of how good your intentions are. Ignore the noise and be proud of yourself no matter what people say.

  2. Some people will try to see the downside to everything. Don’t listen to these people, they’re jealous of your success and they’ll do whatever they can to knock you down.

  3. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that take the world by storm. If you have an idea, a thought, or a way to make things better, don’t be afraid to put it out there! Everything that exists today started with a simple idea.

I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thanks, everyone for making the Candy Slide famous!

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