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Code of Ethics complaint filed against Pointe-Claire councilor

A formal complaint has been filed against one of Pointe-Claire's members of council after an email exchange, that took place during the recent municipal elections, was brought forward publicly by a citizen during the November 16th Council Meeting between a citizen and a member of the city's council.

The citizen was contacted by email by an elected member of the council about why they had decided to support their adversary during the 2021 elections.

A reply was sent to the council member allegedly explained that they had made the political decision to support their opposition for reasons of representation and diversity.

Being that the citizen's choice for their district was a woman, the council member allegedly sent a reply claiming that their choice of the council for the district "only adds her sex to the issue". The citizen considered their reply to be discriminatory to women.

During the November 16th council meeting, when the issue was brought to light, the citizen's concerns and verbal questions were allegedly ignored, and the council meeting would continue to answer written questions submitted prior to the meeting.

During the December 7 council meeting, the issue was brought up again to newly elected Mayor Tim Thomas, where claims of a formal complaint were noted.

Mayor Tim Thomas took to Facebook to address the issue: (press See more for full statement):

Click below for the official recordings of the statements during the initial questions period from both council meetings below for more context:

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