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Centre Ricochet opens in Roxboro to offer 24/7 services in the fight against homelessness

In a conversation with Tania Charron, the Executive Director of Action Jeunesse de l'Ouest- de-l'Île and Ricochet West Island, we discuss the opening of the new Ricochet Centre and the prevalence of homelessness on the West Island.

The new Centre d'Hébergement Ricochet opened its doors today in Roxboro. The Centre is replacing the Halte-Transition, which provided nighttime services to homeless people in the surrounding area. The new location will provide 24/7 care to those in need and offer two programs tailored to assist the West Islands' homeless population.

The impact of Ricochet has been felt long before today. A resident stated what Ricochet means to him; "I love this place. I come back because this place isn't like the ones downtown, you know. And now, I've become attached to all the staff, and it's kind of like a family here. It's more of a familial atmosphere."


A social reintegration program will support residents as they seek housing with help from a team of psychosocial workers and three residential stability with support workers (RSS), including one with a specific youth mandate (18-35 years old). The second program, located in the same building, will offer 12 emergency beds and a comforting and safe space to rest, eat, shower, and warm up.

An employee also recounted her experience working at the former Halte-Chaleur, which provided a warming centre to those in need: "We can continue to give users the resources they need to gain independence; as the goal has always been, and still is, to reintegrate homeless individuals back into society in hopes they can gain/regain independence."

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