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Breaking: Legault announces summer re-opening plan

The Premier announced the loosening of COVID-19 measures during Tuesday's press conference.

In Tuesday's press conference, Premier François Legault announced the following:

-As of June 15, 75% of Quebecers will have received their first vaccination dose.

-Up to the 31st of May, a majority of regions will turn orange. They should be in the yellow zone between June 14 & 28.

May 28:

-Curfew to end in all of Quebec.

- Restaurant terraces to re-open.

-Backyard gathering of 8 people maximum.

-Visitors are permitted to travel to different regions in the province.

- Stadiums and venues (outdoors & indoors) with designated seating will be allowed to host 250 people PER section of venue. They will be able to host up to 2,500 people. (250 people per 10 designated sections)

June 11:

Bar Terraces to re-open.

June 25:

Those with two (2) vaccine doses are allowed to be with eachother indoors with no mask and distancing required.

Day camps & outdoor festivals allowed to start operating.

More loosening of measures will be announced at the end of August. Legault also stated that those coming back from a trip abroad must still quarantine at a hotel until further notice.


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