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Bella Italia: WIN takes on Milan!

We may not be able to travel in person but that won't stop the West Island News team from getting creative....

Living through a pandemic has taught us many things including how much humans need to travel. Visiting a different country, city or town is truly fulfilling for the soul. There's absolutely nothing like it.

So what happens when we can't?

There's only so many joyrides one can take in their car before realizing that it simply cannot compare to a much needed trip. West Island News is here to help with that.

Last week, Rhonda and the team visited Milan (virtually) with the help of private tour guide, Veronica Azimonti. This is part of an all-new series of West Island News events where our subscribers will have the opportunity to virtually travel the world with the WIN team!

For a chance to participate and receive an invite, simply subscribe to West Island News!

Happy Travels!

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