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Beaconsfield man charged with child luring. Police looking for potential victims

Computer luring of minors: the SPVM is looking for potential victims of Antoine Absi, 21 years old, Beaconsfield resident.

On October 20, the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) arrested Antoine Absi on several counts of luring, producing pornography and inciting sexual contact with young boys aged 12 to 16. He was arrested for the first time on July 13 for possession of child pornography and appeared the same day. Investigators from the Sexual Exploitation Unit have reason to believe that the 21-year-old man could have had other victims.

Antoine Absi is said to have come into contact with his victims through mobile applications and social media platforms. On a few occasions, he reportedly approached his victims pretending to be a young girl. He allegedly asked the targeted young boys, whom he knew to be underage, to send him explicit photos of them. Once the footage was obtained, he reportedly attempted to obtain more photos and videos of his victims. Absi would also have quickly proposed to the latter to commit acts of a sexual nature. In some cases, he would have traveled to meet his potential victims.

Here are the pseudonyms that the suspect would have used during his exchanges with his victims.



He is a resident of Montreal, but he could have had victims anywhere in Quebec. Anyone who has been a victim or a witness to reprehensible acts of a sexual nature committed by the accused is invited to report to his neighborhood station.

Anyone who wishes to share information, anonymously and confidentially, can do so by contacting Info-Crime Montréal at 514 393-1133 or via the reporting form available on the website.

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